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Zebra DS2208-SR7U2100AZW

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Zebra DS2208-SR7U2100AZW

$ 211.00    $ 215.00

Zebra DS2208 The Zebra DS2208 is the perfect blend of price and performance, it essentially is a cross between the very affordable LI2208 and performance based DS4308 barcode scanners. This 2D scanner is designed for all types of retail environments and scans very aggressively at all angles, in all light conditions, and on most forms of media including cell phone screens. This scanner was built with future proofing in mind where it can scan both standard UPC Barcodes as well as 2D QR Codes for mobile couponing or customer registration.Part Number: This is a listing for individual item DS2208-SR7U2100AZW

  • Categories:DS2208-SR7U2100AZW DS2208 1D/2D Barcode Scanner
  • What's in the Box:Black, Standard Range, With Interface Cable

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